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Images both on and off the water

We can supply you with everything you need to install a mobile 4G camera set-up for your moored yacht, super-yacht or cruiser.  This includes a modem, cameras, timer, all cables, configuration of the cameras and hosting of your images.

Two cameras start at less than $200 and we’ll keep your images safe for a week so you can get them back later.  You’ll also need a data plan for your image uploads and these range from $100-$140 per year on the Telstra network 4G.  All you need is a 12 volt power supply (usually with a solar panel).  If you don’t have that, we can help guide you on what you need.

Why do I need cameras on my vessel?

See if your pride and joy is still moored where you left it

– Check weather and tide conditions from home before heading to the water

– Check the security of your equipment, covers, ropes and other equipment

It’s great talking-point for friends and family

Drop us a line and we’ll have you up and running in no time.